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Available on the  apple app store for download

Assistive Tech, AAC App - App for non-verbals: Use your iPad, iPod or iPad as a communication device. Download the app, start creating your own vocabulary or create a free account and download from pre-recorded talking flash cards from





Augmentative Communication -AAC

My Words mobile app is designed as a communication device for autistic and speech impaired individuals. Admin can create a custom list for the user or download words flash cards from public library availabe on the website. The custom library can be created by adding groups and words inside the group. Each word can be associated with a picture and a sound.



My Words app converts your mobile devices like iPod, iPhone, Android phones or tablets like iPad, and Nook by Barnes & Nobles into a communication and assistive technology device. This app allows the caregivers to configure the word list for the individuals. Once the initial list is configured, new words can be added on the fly easily. Looking for a simple solution for assistive technology ? Download the app My Words from iTunes and setup in few easy steps.



My Words app can also be used as a tool to learn vocabulary for a new languages. You can save the pictures and record the name of the picture in any language you want to learn.

Share your new recorded words and phrases with other app members by uploading them to or you can simply backup your custom list to the server.